Lets start with medicine, most of you are reading my blog because you're aware that they've been lying to us about medicine all this time, and that we've been systematically taught by the establishment "there is no cure" for lots of things there are cures for. And these cures are fast, simple, natural, ranging from relatively inexpensive to downright cheap, most of all they're humane, and for the most part is they work on animals too. Some of these cures are old as time itself, some were discovered within the last century. Click here and here for the ones I use. 

Free electricity. It was around 1908 when a contest between Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison was held to determine what kind of electrical system was to envelope the nation, A/C or D/C? Tesla was running the A/C and Edison was a huge proponent of the D/C. Thomas Edison was so wrought with envy he resorted to shocking monkeys to death just to traumatize people into thinking AC current was gonna kill you. 1 look at your wall sockets will tell who's theory won but why have you never heard of Tesla? Tesla actually went a step further and not only did he prove A/C the better of the two but he already had a working model for "free electricity" that pulled electricity right out of the atmosphere and delivered it via antennae to everyone. Every single house, building and structure could have had free electricity dating back over a century ago. He who sponsored the test is also the one who forgot to tell everybody about the "free" part… JP Morgan, who inflicted upon Tesla the worst of all the crimes of Morgan, he stole Tesla's patents and then gave credit to Edison. 

It's true one of the biggest lies we face today is the quality of the food we put in our mouth. With labeling standards that are filled with wordplay and allow for loopholes that are mercilessly exploited who knows what we're eating? Further exploitation happens when a farmer is forced to use questionable seed stock if he wants to sell food in this country. Other farmers, like those that deal in raw milk or other healthy alternatives are routinely harassed and sometimes even persecuted for trying to deliver healthy food to people that actually want it. The words 'natural' 'organic' 'hybrid' 'free range' all have several different interpretations and not necessarily conducive to your family's benefit. 

Modern cosmology, quantum physics, relativity, heliocentricity, evolution, divinity… all are being scrutinized these days but nothing more intensely than the theory of gravity. Gravity is still to this day just a theory. In fact Isaac Newton's 'Book of Principia' was never even finished and was never able to prove gravity in any observable way. And once gravity is debunked then the rest of these lies will just fall like a bunch of domino's. 

The origins of NASA, the faked Apollo Moon Landings directed in a film studio by the late great Stanley Kubrick, who got away with it under the cover of filming Arthur C Clarke's epic work of science fiction '2001 A Space Odyssey' as his cover story. Kubrick also took the step of admitting his involvement in the cover up with his movie 'The Shining' which is elegantly decoded here. Mars missions, Hubble Telescope, Satellites, the International Space Station, the Van Allen Radiation Belts, the Sun and Moon… is nothing is sacred?

Manipulation of the masses with fractional reserve banking (usury) pre-dates Rome and actually has it's origins in ancient Babylon. Also known as "The Whore of Bablylon," money is also commonly referred to as "the root of all evil" which in all probability is true. They say "money is created out of thin air" this is not a myth it's a fact. It's as simple as going into the bank for car loan, the banker types whatever number you want into the computer, issues a check with a promissory note secured with your signature, and you go down to the car dealer, pick up your new car and sign over the check, everybody in the dealership gets paid parts, service and sales. That's the money trail, it has now worked it's way from the computer screen and into the economy. And with a few strokes on a keyboard a bank can (legally) loan $99 for every $1 they have in deposits (at interest) and that's how "free" money is created out of "thin air." The Goldsmiths Tale explains.  

And then… you're taxed at about 2/3 tax rate if you care to add up the fed, state, ssi*, sales tax, property tax, taxes on alcohol, gasoline, tobacco, utilities… even fines, fee's permits, levy's, registrations, all are subtle taxation. The world is a business, money is what makes the world go around, not gravity ;)
* [it should be noted ssi more closely resembles a ponzi scheme than a tax]

Up until about 1492 it was a widely held belief that we (the earth) was at the center of the universe (geocentricity), and that everything revolved around us, and in fact it was the prevailing theory of the day. Along comes a man named Nicolas Copernicus and he changed that notion overnight and without any observable way to prove it. Rumor had it he was commissioned by 'the church' to introduce heliocentricity into the scientific community. And since heliocentricity was now rigorously promoted and celebrated the world over, it seems that the rumor probably has a ring of truth to it. Heliocentricity is the prevailing theory today. It means we revolve around the sun, not the other way around.

Last but certainly not least but certainly the most heretical. This the lie that contains the "phycological soil" for which all other lies are possible, and within this lie we get down to the crux (heart) of the matter and the notion we live on a spinning ball, spinning round and round at 1000 mph, flying around the sun at some 67,000 mph, hurling our way through the Milky Way galaxy at some exponential number to the aforementioned, if any notion is preposterous it's this one! 

Considering I get dizzy with just a few turns on the merry go round at the park. Certainly they wouldn't lie to us about the shape and curve of the earth and all the maps and things would they? Well, they've developed a pattern, and patterns don't lie and people lie. If you or I was a witness in court and we got caught lying under oath… all of our testimony would be inadmissible and we'd be charged with perjury. So it's in this spirit we must examine closely the people who've decided to lie to us about everything. This lie is also the easiest lie to debunk.

Questions are more important than answers, for a 360 view from atop Mt Everest click here.

The question is why do they lie? Why do they continue the charade? It's not as if people aren't waking up every single day? Money, power, control, hatred, envy, jealousy, contempt? Most people cannot understand this level of corruption because most people aren't that corrupt. Only when you understand the level of psychopathy that infects the ruling elite… and is allowed to permeate every single part of society, music, news, sports, fashion, film and print. We're all infected with the disease at this point


Jacqueline Wilson Jacobs
02/29/2016 3:58pm

It is to our certain destruction that we are lead when our trusted leaders make a mockery of our right to know life sustaining truths that affect humans and all other life forms. Thank you for sharing these urgent fact on your blog; With people like you around we have more hope as we continue to thrive. All Iis well.


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    I've only been bloggin about a year now, my writings not that great but it's improving. Sometimes the content may seem preposterous… but we've awakened to the fact they're lying to us about med-sin. Logically your next question should be "what else are they lying about?" The truth is they're lying about "EVERYTHING." 


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