We trust our health to whats on the label. And there's no more sought after label for a food company than the USDA Organic label or Certified Non GMO label. Why are these labels different? Lets take a quick peek.

The USDA Organic Labeling Standard is filled with wordplay, thus it's filled with deception, I believe this is by design. Wordplay means (playful or clever use of words) We are led to believe if food is labeled 'organic' then it's automatically Non Gmo too. Then why 2 separate labels? Doesn't it make sense that if the 'Organic" label covered everything, there would be no need for the Non Gmo label at all. Look no further than state and county labeling initiatives, if "Organic" covered everything why would states and local municipalities be having all these voter referendums? 

Cause it's all wordplay that's why. Last summer I went to the Portland Farmers Market to buy some sweet corn. I was looking for something labeled heirloom/open pollinated. The only thing I could find was some organic sweet corn so I asked the farmer some questions about the origin of his seed, here's a snippet of our conversation.

Me; - is your organic corn Non Gmo? 
Him; - no. 
Me; how can it be organic then? 
Him; thats what the organic standard allows me.  
Me; so they allow you to sell hybrid corn as organic? 
Him; yes! 

Now there is  some debate about what constitutes hybrid (crossed) vs Gmo, the lines are starting to get blurry.

So I dug a little deeper and I asked him about his seed stock, I wanted to know what kind of rules they have between him and his seed supplier? Upon further questioning he got noticeably nervous and refused to answer any more questions regarding his seed supplier, but he did state "it's a sore subject". Translation… Monsanto has me by the balls and I have to use their seed stock. Very nice man, I felt bad for him so I bought the corn anyway.

Organic simply means the method, means, and medium in which the food is germinated, cultivated, harvested, processed and offered for consumption. In other words they can take hybrid or non gmo seed, offer it for sale under the guidelines, call it "organic!" And charge alot more money. And think about the water they're using… fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, chemtrails, and what about the radiation?

So now "100% USDA ORGANIC" has come under scrutiny for wordplay. Case in point, the word "usually" can be made to imply 100% compliance but there are loopholes.Then some are saying you can identify gmo/non gmo by the PLU code. I have not personally looked into this. So if you have soil known to be 100% organic… let's say you plant a suspect seed and you use water free from fluoride and chlorine… is it safe to say that your food is organic? IT'S A LEGITIMATE QUESTION!

If it says it's "100% USDA ORGANIC" there are loopholes where wordplay is the weapon used to deceive people into consuming food they wouldn't consume otherwise. And it's never any fun being deceived by those you've entrusted with you and your loved ones well being. 

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