Modern medicine is chemistry. Many of us have certain aversions to putting chemicals in our body, unless strictly for fun. I will explain how physics will replace internal medicine as we know it, and I'll do it in less than 5 minutes.

Did you know that Rife machines and Colloidal Silver have no 'medicinal' properties per se… in other words they don't use chemicals for their efficacy to be determined. If thats the case then why are both of them practically 100% effective on people and of animals? It's just physics. What I'm about to explain to you in just a minute or two is simple. 

A Rife machine is using resonance to achieve it's desired results. What's sound resonance… think about a singer that uses his/her voice to shatter a glass and now you have an idea how resonance can destroy a pathogen, as long as you know the frequency something lives at you can perturb that frequency enough to de-vitalize (kill) it.

A silver ion is positively charged during it's alchemical extraction method.(electrolysis) A healthy cell has a positive charged electron, because both the silver ion and the healthy cell are "positive" (electrically speaking) just like a magnet the 2 positive sides will not come together and will resist each other. Now take those 2 magnets and expose the positive to the negative and boom. the stick together like magnets. (magnetism)

There are only 4 ways to corrupt a healthy single cell... virus, fungus, parasite and bacteria and once a healthy cell has been turned "unhealthy" by one of the 4... now it's electrical signature reads "negative" (electrically speaking) and the silver ion knows who to kill and who to leave alone based off reading said corrupted cells electrical signature.

And this is how physics WILL replace modern internal medicine as we know it, it's not a matter of "if" it will... simply "when" it will.

And by the way once the silver ion or frequency gets a hold of it's victim it's over quickly. Mere seconds for the frequency to do it's job and minutes for the silver to kill it's victim… I guess that's important because we don't want the little bastards to suffer we just want them to leave.

That's it, in just a few paragraphs I taught you more about med-sin and what it takes to heal yourself than 8 years of medical school and tens of thousands of dollars. 



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    I've only been bloggin about a year now, my writings not that great but it's improving. Sometimes the content may seem preposterous… but we've awakened to the fact they're lying to us about med-sin. Logically your next question should be "what else are they lying about?" The truth is they're lying about "EVERYTHING." 


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