I'll keep this as brief as possible. I have several announcements, 3 new product offerings and some sound advice for my constituency.

First, the markets are about to get crazy, my cost on silver has gone up 10% overnight, it's important to note I have not raised prices as a result. 

Second, I have new sizes of silver wire for sale, now available in 10 and 12 gauge sizes as well as the standard 14 g… Gold wire, suitable for making colloidal gold is also available in any thickness, special orders only. For those who know what this means this is pretty exciting news.

Third, I'm proud to say the healing gods have blessed me with a new silver maker that has the frequency delivery attachment built in, it is therefore documentable. Now I can safely say I'm making the finest grade silver water anywhere… a true silver colloid and additionally it's infused with frequency (colloid vs ion). I have seen similar silver frequency water for sale from some greedy people for upwards of $350 an oz. Consequently the silver water I'm making now has increased tenfold in efficacy, a whopping 500 vs 50,000 silver particles in the same dose.

Browse my shop, silver water is priced 3 for the price of 2 for a limited time only. 

Fourth, I finally found an extremely versatile Rife machine for under $350. I have decided to give Spooky2 my full endorsement. Use this link to get everything you need for a "FREQUENCY DELIVERY DEVICE ON A BUDJET" get a completely capable Rife machine for the price of a night on the town. Spooky technology even works remotely, in other words if you put grandma from Kalamazoo Michigan's fingernail in the slide… purportedly you can deliver frequencies to grandma from wherever you are on the planet. This according to Albert Einstein and the theory of "Quantum Entanglement." Please use and share this link that Spooky2 made for my constituency.

Buy a complete Spooky2 Rife Machine for under $350 through this link 

While we're on the subject of crazy times I'll give you an example of silvers power as a barter instrument. Think of a scenario that looks like this… imagine the markets get nuts and the shit hits the fan and the lights go out, shortages of food, water and access to medical care are all real possibilities… imagine in this scenario you have the ability to make 20 or 50 gallons of silver water, now imagine what a pint or two of silver water might be worth to someone without your foresight. There is only 1 answer and that is you'll probably be the single most important person in any survival scenario, silver will give you one of the best bartering instruments anywhere and imagine the things you might need that somebody would be willing to trade you for some silver water. 

100 items checklist

And lastly, people keep asking me what up with this Geocentric/Flat Earth thing  and so I will say this on the subject. I cannot prove the earth is flat, but neither can anyone one of us prove it's a spinning ball flying through the galaxy thats part of a cluster of galaxies that's flying through outer space at such a speed I might get tired of typing all the zero's. But I can give you some correlations between Geocentric/Flat Earth'ers, Silver Water and Rife Machines. All produce discernible results that stand up to scrutiny and can be done with simple observations any child can do, plus if you know they're lying to us about medicine, free energy and stuff like that it's not a big leap to see they're lying about EVERYTHING… and I do mean EVERYTHING!

The result, it's not looking good for the Globe Earth. And what does it all mean… to put it simply it's the lie of all lies and it's also a big enough lie it's capable of burning down the house and re-booting this thing we call humanity. Stay tuned and here's a little sumpin sumpin I dug up for those with inquiring minds and a slightly morbid curiosity. 

Proof of Patent video

US Patent # 3858334 A



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    I've only been bloggin about a year now, my writings not that great but it's improving. Sometimes the content may seem preposterous… but we've awakened to the fact they're lying to us about med-sin. Logically your next question should be "what else are they lying about?" The truth is they're lying about "EVERYTHING." 


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