Announcement: I have any size silver wire you desire for making colloidal silver, now available in 14, 12 and 10 gauge thickness. 

Think of an old school tube amplifier and how it compares with newer solid state amplifiers, this is an excellent example of the differences between old and new silver making technology, it's not that the old way was a bad way, maybe in some ways it's still better, but technology changes quickly and if your like me when the new stuff comes out we wait till the price comes down to something manageable… so with this in mind we'll start the lesson. 

What's the difference between a colloid and an ion? It's easy… a true colloid is not discernible as a dissolved solid, it's basically an atom thus the terms "total dissolved solid" (tds) and "atomic" as in mono-atomic gold. So atomic silver a particle so small you get 50,000 atomic particles in the same dose you'd get 500 the old way… Truly a breakthrough. The short answer is that colloidal silver is better than ionic silver but the truth is you're going to get results with each, making silver the old way does become obsolete with the advent of newer technology. 

The truth is you can make colloidal anything… colloidal gold, colloidal copper, colloidal silver, colloidal is more indicative of the process than anything else. The fact is 99% of all people making silver water are really making ionic silver which has always delivered discernible results but in this segment size does matter, smaller is better, a colloid is smaller than an ion and a little goes a long way.

Click here for a link to the science. 

I'm always on the lookout for affordable solutions for my constituency, and in this spirit I'm happy to introduce a machine capable of binging your colloidal silver mission from the outhouse to the penthouse  so to speak and all at a price that's truly affordable… let me introduce to you the Spooky2 colloidal silver kit.

It's certain degree of risk for me to offer another colloidal silver option right next to the ones I've been selling since 2009, but the fact is it doesn't make any sense to hoard this information and technology as much as it makes sense to empower others… and in this spirit the Spooky2 is capable of producing industry grade silver water for those considering going into production. And if you choose a Spooky2 option… you can re-load on silver through me. 

Finally, what this new machine allows me to do is offer a state off the art machine to those who are interesting in owning state of the art equipment, equipment that wasn't even available 5 years ago… trust that I have personally utilized a dozen different colloidal silver makers/methods, each with its own merits but none more capable, flexible and inexpensive than Spooky2



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