Hello to the fine folks and the followers of 11:11 Progress. Recently, I received an invitation to be of service to this group from one of the admins who is apparently one of my customers, many thanks to George for the invitation to serve. I'm here to be of service to anyone and everyone, regardless of income or ability to pay in dollars, anyone who wants to know more about silver, its place in history, its emerging role today, and its brilliant future. Recently it was revealed to me, that the soul/person/entity commonly known as "Jesus" knows about my work and is pleased with my mission. Now I'm not sure if the one who calls himself Christ Michael is the same as the one commonly referred to as Jesus… it's indeed a good day when you find out your work is being acknowledged in high places, places I cannot even fathom… at least not today? 

So for your indulgence, if you've ever bought Silver water from the grocery store you know they usually charge between 6-8 dollars per fl oz. 

I have the best silver water anywhere, a true colloid, at less than $1 a fl oz for this sale. Read my article: Colloid vs Ion to understand the difference & why my water should be your water too. 

16 oz bottles, normally $20 each… buy 1 get 1 free with NO LIMIT
4 oz bottles normally $10 each… buy 1 get 1 free with NO LIMIT

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Little Known Uses for Silver Water
Add to pet's drinking water, de-worm naturally, eliminate the veterinarian.
Preserves milk and creme, add to milk… Raw Milk especially.
Kills E-Coli and Salmonella. Soak meats and fresh foods.
Kills mold - spray on everything in the kitchen/bathroom, COMMERCIAL KITCHENS especially.
Germaphobes - carry it with you, it decontaminates door knobs and other surfaces instantly.
Kills funky laundry odors - add some to your laundry… kills mold and fungus.
Kills bed bugs - add to your steam iron and iron your mattress on HIGH
Soak your toothbrush, add drops to eye's/ears.
Use on cuts, burns, cold sores and other icky skin rashes.
Replace chlorine in your pool or hot tub.
Add to food and water feeders for birds, bats and bee's. (hummingbirds love it)
Add to drinking water troughs for Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens (save big money on Vet Bills)
Burn Units, MASH Units, Hospitals, Ambulances, Pediatrics, the Military all use Silver. 
Silver Socks, Silver Underwear, Silver Yoga Mats, Silver Condoms, 
Silver Water Filters, Silver Band-Aids
Allergy's, Athletes Foot, Diabetes, Staph, Strep, MRSA, Influenza, Ear Infections, Eye Infections, Candida, Foot Fungus, Shingles, TB, Exema, Psoriasis, Colds, Cancers (all of them) STD's (all of them) Worms (all of them)



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    I've only been bloggin about a year now, my writings not that great but it's improving. Sometimes the content may seem preposterous… but we've awakened to the fact they're lying to us about med-sin. Logically your next question should be "what else are they lying about?" The truth is they're lying about "EVERYTHING." 


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